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At BusGraphix.com, we believe that the wrap process has the ability to be seamless with our coordination of strengths, knowledge and strategies. Our experience in project management ensures that we will sweat the details and produce wraps that exceed expectations without any pressure or stress to you.


Our designers at BusGraphix.com are versed in creative and effective branding techniques and continue to remain on top of leading edge technology with the latest in print media and design software to deliver a compelling design for your marketing needs. By taking the ideas and/or concept discussed in the initial consultation and placing it on a motorcoach template, our technology then allows you to view a computerized image of your vehicle with the design which will be the first view and give you an idea of what your graphics will look like on your motorcoach. If need be, they will make any requested adjustments to fine-tune an eye-catching, innovative message that has maximum impact for your company or campaign. They will not stop until the design is perfected to send a prominent message to your targeted audience in all key demographics outlined.


Once we have a final design approval, here is where we begin the output of all images and graphics. BusGraphix.com starts out the production process using high-performance 3M and Avery materials paired with the latest Green technologies from HP. All in-house printing is produced with environmentally cautious printers that use latex inks which help to preserve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint by drastically minimizing what is normally discarded in our landfills. Also, having a close working relationship with 3M and printers that use inks which are compliant with 3M materials, we are certified with the 3M™MCS™Warranty that in turn are able to offer you a higher level of warranty.


With a compelling design and quality produced graphics, the final component is as essential as every step has been. BusGraphix.com has highly talented and extremely experienced installers in the motorcoach industry. We have experienced firsthand the importance of deadlines and how critical communication is and how a pro-active approach is the most crucial ingredient in successful execution. Our management team has developed a very close relationship with the bus industry which provides a unique understanding to the importance of bus operations and when buses are out of service longer than planned, that can have a major negative impact on overall operations. We pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time. Our professional installers have went through rigorous testing to deliver you an unmistakable first-rate product backed by a performance warranty. Paying the utmost attention to detail to never compromise the quality or craftsmanship of the graphics ensures an exceptional end result. Installation is available nationwide at your location; we come to you to complete your project. From concept to completion, it's all in the detail.